About Us

Having 30+ years of experience under his belt, Srgjan is a very capable and well accomplished welder and boiler maker who is dedicated in providing the best to his customers.

His experience doesn’t start and end in Australia; Srgjan has also worked on many constructions of major significance overseas in Europe. These include: the “Business Centre” in Budapest (2, 500 tones of steal construction); Siberian – Novilsk Hopsital (4, 000 tones of steal construction) and a number of construction objects in Iraq (6, 000 tones of steal construction) on which particular site welding processes were conducted with special alloy and non alloy electrodes.

Born in Macedonia, he was employed in his country with ISKRA Engineering Metal Construction Factory for a period between the dates of 1/09/1979 to 22/10/1996.

Arriving in Australia in November, 1988, Srgjan has continued to work for companies of a building and welding nature until he founded Srgjan Welding 5 years ago and alongside his devoted workers has focused and mastered his work on pallet racking, mezzanine floors and shelving.